Healthy Lunches

What does TWP recommend parents provide in their child’s lunch?
Please keep your child’s lunches simple. The following are some suggestions: bagels; sandwiches; sliced pizza; cut up fruits/veggies; granola bars; yogurt; cheese and crackers; etc.


What should my child wear to TWPS?
Please be sure that your child’s clothing is comfortable, washable, and allows for self-dressing. We want the children to feel free to get involved in all the activities at school; we have lots of messy ones so please don’t send them in clothes that they need to be overly concerned with keeping clean. In the winter when it is cold and rains, please send your children in layers of warm clothes and a raincoat. We try and go outside as much as we can in the winter. Please leave umbrellas at home! Please put your child’s name on EVERYTHING he/she brings to school.

Extra Clothes

Should parents provide extra clothing for their child?
YES, Children tend to get wet and muddy, or have accidents while they’re at school. Please bring a full set of extra clothes and shoes to keep in your child’s cubby. The school provides a bucket in their cubby for this purpose.


What if my child is wearing diapers?
If your child is in diapers, please label them with their name and place them in the changing table. The school provides wipes. If your child is running low on diapers we will leave you a message in the comment section on the sign-in sheet. Please alert the teachers if any medications are required for diaper rash or other infections.

Potty Training

What if my child is not potty trained?
Potty Training can be easily accomplished with a lot of cooperation between the parents and teachers after the child decided he/she is ready. It is essential to be consistent with your child between home and school. Clothes should be ones that are easily taken on an off. Lots of extra clothing should be brought to school. Pull-ups are not recommended as a tool for daytime potty training. We don’t mind changing their clothes a few times if its leads to successful potty training.


What if my child is needs to take medications during the school day?
No medication can be given without written consent and instructions from the doctor. Medicine must be in its original bottle with the original prescription in place. Please fill out a medicine form and leave us a note in the comment section of the sign-in sheet. Medicine goes in the purple box on top of the refrigerator or inside the refrigerator if needed. DO NOT put any medicine in your child’s lunch box or cubby!

Lost and Found

Does TWP have a lost and found?
Yes, but please label everything your child brings to school. In the event you are missing something that was left behind we have a lost and found bucket at the front of the school. Please check this regularly. Clothes unclaimed will be donated to charity at Christmas and at the end of the summer.

Birthday Celebrations

What is TWP policy regarding celebrating the Birthdays?
Celebrating your child’s birthday with his/her classmates can be very rewarding for your child. On their birthday, the school will hang a banner in honor of the occasion. The teachers will gladly work with you regarding celebration suggestions. We have found that a simple snack, such as mini muffins, served during snack time are well received by the children. Your child maybe also enjoy picking out a book to give to the class, with his/her name and photo as a book plate on the inside cover, as a way to remember their birthday. The book will become a treasured part of our library.

Parent Lending Library

Does TWP have a shared library?
Yes, We offer a selection of books that may be checked out in Shirley’s Office. Subjects range from developmental stages to positive discipline. Please feel free to take advantage of these resources. A teacher can assist you in checking the books out.