At Training Wheels Preschool, our philosophy is that a child’s play is a child’s work. Our goal is to provide a warm, nurturing, and stimulating environment where children receive positive and enriching experiences that enhance their self-esteem and develop strong social skills. We feel that it is important that your child begin his/her educational experience in a loving atmosphere where they feel safe and comfortable, and know that their needs are being recognized and met.

Children need exposure to many different types of experiences in order to achieve a positive attitude towards school and future endeavors. Training Wheels Preschool offers your child a program that consists of a well rounded theme based curriculum. Each child is encouraged to develop according to his or her capacity. We are constantly encouraging and challenging them to experiment, and to think and remember, while providing opportunities to interact and share with others.

Message from President/Director

Hi, my name is Shirley Clifford. I opened Training Wheels Preschool Inc. in 1991. I opened my own school out of a desire to provide a safe, happy, and enriching environment for children. I have been involved in the field of child development since 1980, when I received my B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Chico State University. After receiving my degree, I worked as a preschool director in San Rafael for nine years.

Along with my staff I continue to expand our education through classes and conferences. We all share in the belief that children need a warm, nurturing, and accepting atmosphere, where they can feel free to explore to their hearts content. I now have four wonderful children of my own and thoroughly enjoy what I do. I have a very rewarding job, and appreciate parents letting us share in their children’s lives.